The Census Project

For Immediate Release
Thursday, April 2, 2009

Howard Silver
Consortium of Social Science Associations

Statement in Support of Robert Groves to be Director of U.S. Census

Below is a joint statement by seven professional organizations endorsing the nomination of Robert Groves to be Director of the U.S. Census Bureau. Mr. Groves was nominated by President Obama this morning.

We, the organizations in the scientific and statistical community, concerned with a fair and accurate census, applaud President Obama’s nomination of Robert M. Groves as the next director of the U.S. Census Bureau.

Dr. Groves is a highly respected leader in the social science and statistical community who has distinguished himself in academia and in public service.  As the director of the Survey Research Center at the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan, and as the head of the Joint Program in Survey Methodology, Dr. Groves has demonstrated the scientific capacity and leadership to run the 2010 Census and the other programs at the Census Bureau.  He has been a visiting scholar at the Bureau on two occasions.

His scientific colleagues have acknowledged his expertise and leadership by selecting him to lead the National Science Foundation’s Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences directorate Advisory Committee and the current National Research Council of the National Academies’ review of the Bureau of Justice Statistics.  In addition, his peers have given him numerous distinguished awards, and selected him for many national committees to evaluate programs and to provide advice.

The issue of a statistical adjustment raised by some is spurious!  Commerce Secretary Gary Locke, who will be Dr. Groves’ boss, has assured the Congress that there will be no statistical adjustment in the 2010 count.  The Supreme Court has also weighed in against such adjustment for reapportionment cases.  In 1990, this was a debatable issue with then President George H.W. Bush’s Census Director in favor of such an adjustment.

The taking of a decennial census is the largest peacetime mobilization that occurs in the United States.  The 2010 count is less than a year away.  It is time for a leader to take charge and get this count done.   Dr. Robert Groves is that leader.

We urge his confirmation as soon as possible!

Consortium of Social Science Associations
Council of Professional Associations on Federal Statistics
American Sociological Association
American Statistical Association
Population Association of America
Association of Population Centers
AAPOR: the American Association for Public Opinion Research