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February 2010

Feb. 27, 2010: Houston Chronicle: How we learned to count on one another

Feb. 26, 2010: CNN: Lines drawn over census results

Feb. 25, 2010: USA TODAY: Critical Census Software Plagued by Glitches

Feb. 24, 2010: The Washington Post: Bulk of census jobs won't come until late spring

Feb. 24, 2010: Wall Street Journal: 2010 Census Faces New IT Glitches

Feb. 24, 2010: WNYC: Counting Prisoners: The Population Politics of the Census

Feb. 23, 2010: The Baltimore Sun: Census count crucial for black community

Feb. 23, 2010: Las Vegas Sun: Foreclosures bring hurdles to getting accurate census count

Feb. 23, 2010: The Evening Sun: You’ve been superpoked by the U.S. gov’t

Feb, 22, 2010: Miami Herald: Fake Census takers stealing residents' personal information

Feb. 21, 2010: The Chronicle of Philanthropy: Grant Makers Commit Millions to Help Ensure Accurate Census

Feb. 19, 2010: ABC News: Upcoming Census Hiring Set to Boost Jobs Reports By Over Half a Million

Feb. 18, 2010: USA TODAY: Census software plagued by defects

Feb. 18, 2010: ABC News: President Obama Preaches Census Participation

Feb. 18, 2010: The Iowa Independent: Census prison policy could impact rural areas

Feb. 17, 2010: CNBC: 2010 Census May Show Boomer Impact On Future Economy

Feb. 17, 2010: The Washington Post: Census workers who did no work were paid

Feb. 16, 2010: ABC News: Census Reaches Out to Hispanics, Illegal Immigrants

Feb. 15, 2010: Why You Should Worry About the Census

Feb. 14, 2010: The Washington Post: Five myths about the 2010 Census and the U.S. population

Feb. 13, 2010: Chicago Tribune: 2010 census will include question about same-sex marriages, relationships

Feb. 11, 2010: Associated Press: Census concerned about misleading mailings

Feb. 11, 2010: Associated Press: Change in Census Bureau data on prison population could reshape political map

Feb. 10, 2010: The New York Times: New Option for the States on Inmates in the Census

Feb. 8, 2010: CNN: What's so funny about the census?

Feb. 7, 2010: The Kansas City Star: ‘Census of Senior Citizens’ by a money-seeking nonprofit raises red flags

Feb. 6, 2010: Associated Press: 2010 census faces unresolved issues

Feb. 5, 2010: The Washington Post: Review ordered at Census to ensure accuracy of data

Feb. 5, 2010: The Huffington Post: On the Census, It's Rubio vs. Reality

Feb. 8, 2010: Time Magazine: Brief History: The U.S. Census

Feb. 4, 2010: CBS News: Illegal Immigrant Census Count Stirs Debate

Feb. 4, 2010: The Washington Times: American Community Survey does not cover a real issue behind 2010 census

Feb. 4, 2010: ABC News: Column: Census to Advertise in Super Bowl: Your Tax Dollars at Work

Feb. 3, 2010: Lawmakers, Activists Raise Alarm Over Way Census Counts Prisoners

Feb. 3, 2010: Will Ohio Democrats Try to Rig the Census?

Feb. 2, 2010: Chicago Tribune: Our census reflects our confusion

Feb. 2, 2010: CNN: Census chief works to calm deportation fears

Feb. 2, 2010: Austin American Statesman: MALDEF blasts Perry’s inaction on census, forms Latino count committee

Feb. 2, 2010: The New York Times: Freakonomics Blog: Can You Trust Census Data?

Feb. 1, 2010: Associated Press: Gaps emerging in US census outreach to immigrants